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Fred Orina

Keep it up Brother Douglas Otiso. Speak the truth aloud for every ear to hear and every eye to see what the spirit is telling the churches!

Fred Orina

I really feel the vivid imagination whenever I listen to the records of Douglas Otiso. They are really practical and amazing. May the Glory of God dominate in Gusiiland and the world at Large. Please you are welcomed to tour and crusade all large in the small towns and villages in Gusii and preach the Gospel. May God bless you brother.

Jared Nyaberi

Omosike Orina. Ayio bono naro amaene buna gwateba. Tiga Nyasae ana kobokia omosike Douglas Otiso.

Milka Mongina Mose

Douglas, I don't really know what to say. Your message is really touching. Tiga omonene akoigorere ebisieri erinde onya korwa enchiri. May God bless u very much.

Especially for me, your message has changed my lifestyle. Douglas, genda ase ebitunwa ne ebitongo oyerandie enchiri yo Omonene.

Jared Nyaberi

Ayio naro amaene Milka baba ominto. Tiga Omonene abe na Douglas Otiso.

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