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Nemwel Omare

What did the children do for the case of the mother? This is the blood of my dear sister down in a cool room in Minnesota. How painful can we feel as a brother to my deceased sister? (0725) 724 352

Jared Nyaberi

Gaki pole ndugu Nemwel for this tragic loss of not just one, but three beloved members of your family. Onde taiyo in our community who can make sense of this dastardly and despicable act against fellow innocent human beings. Intwe nigo togosaba oboremu bwo Omonene bomentekane ase engaki eye enkongu. Inche nigo ingosaba chinguru chio Omonene. I will call you at the number provided. Again, pole sana ndugu yangu ase e tragedy eye. Tata oito ore igoro nere bweka omanyete gotinyia amariga ya abana baye ekero banyorire emechando. Twasabire amabera yo Omonene agitere omochie bwo Omare.

Lilian Osiago

Aya na amatemwa amanene ase e community ya Abagusii togenderere gosaba mono. Chingaki echi ne chio omoerio.

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