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St. John's Nyamagwa Boys High School: In Gusii, We are Working Hard To Ensure That We Have Nothing Left.



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St. John's Nyamagwa Boys High School: Sadness And Dejection

Casper Maina Transfered

St. John's Nyamagwa Boy's, Sengera Girl's Na Nduru Boy's Nabo Chiisaine" Mhe. Simeon Ogari


Nyamagwa boys

They just killed my Alma Mater. St.John's Nyamagwa Boys High School.

The timing of the events does not look right. It smells bad. A successful principal  of an up and coming school in a poorly performing county is removed and transfered to another school. A month later, we learn that the results for the Biology Theory paper for that school are cancelled. Mmmm!!!

Then rumors are cooked and circulated indicating that the said headmaster was a nonperformer after all. In other words, he got what he derserved. What a nice concotion. You think we are not capable of looking at Mr. Maina's  exemplary record ourselves? Are we that stupid? To understand this unfortunate turn of events, you have to go back two months.

Back in January, we learned that the headmaster of St. John's Nyamagwa Boys High School, Mr. Casper Maina had been transfered to Kisii High School. We also learned that Mr. Maina was taking the place of Mr. Edward Onwonga who had been transfered to the Maseno School.

Back then, I thought that, "Hey, they have transfered a great teacher but we will be ok". I was however not ready for the hidden bag of tricks that had to be unleashed later by these tricksters this week in the form of exam cancellations topped with rumors and inuendo about Mr. Maina. 

Nowadays, transfers are not unusual. They are expected. Gone are the days when principals and teachers set concrete agendas for their respective schools in order to achieve longstanding success. Now, without rhyme or reason, headmasters can be transfered at the flip of a coin.

And if you are a headmaster of a public high school in Kenya, do not set any long term plans. Hey, why set long term plans for success?  Your superiors do not want any academic stability. No need to stay around to see your goals and plans realized in the form of student success. You may not be working at your beloved school next month. Depending on the whim and ego of your superiors, you can be gone in an instant.

Our high schools in the larger Gusii Counties are now heavily politicized. Administrators are  transfered arbitrarily in order to score political points and satisfy personal vendetas. For those who are old enough to look back, do you remember the glory days of Cardinal Otunga High School-Mosocho?

Do you remember when Cardinal Otunga and Kisii High School were in the same league as Alliance Boys High School or Mangu High School? And do you know how many times Cardinal Otunga flipped headmasters at the time? And do you know what has happened to Starehe Boys Center now that they flip principals there every few years? Just look at the KCSE results in recent years and compare them to the days when they just had one principal for an extended period.

Just to give you one example, from 1961 to 1981, Cardinal Otunga High School had only one principal, the late Brother Innocent De Kok.  Yes Sir. That was it. Every year, he set an agenda. The teachers were to work with that agenda or they were out. Students were to work hard or they were out.

It was that simple. Simple enough but the results were outstanding. He never minced words. It is called laying down the law and achieving great results. Brother Innocent did not have to swap schools every two years to start new agendas with new teachers and new students in new environments.

All you have to do is look back and see how many headmasters Cardinal Otunga has had since Brother Innocent. Correlate that with the academic performace and you get the answer. Dismal. We have killed our schools. 

And in Gusii, we are working hard to make sure that we have nothing left. Is there any school left in Gusii that we can compare to The Kenya High, Loreto Convent or Lenana School? In my eyes, none. We just strangled the last one. 

And unless you are a parent with the means and connections to have your kids study in The Rift Valley or Central Province, you are stuck. We destroy our schools and then send our kids to other counties that have maintained theirs. And if they cannot get admission in the schools in those other counties, we complain.

That is but one of the reasons why Abagusii kids do well when they study outside of Gusii. And Nyamagwa High School? In my days at Nyamagwa, we had only one principal, Father John Onkanga. Father Onkanga was the principal of Nyamagwa Boys High School long after we graduated back in 1981.

As I remember, good principals always stayed in their schools. Why? Principals and schools have a product to sell, good grades. Schools do not produce widgets. Just grades. Students are their customers. You do not remove a principal who is producing good grades at a school. That is counterintuitive because you are removing a successful administrator with a stellar track record.

Mr. Caper Maina had over 90 sudents join univesities from Nyamagwa High School in 2008 alone. Why I am I saying all this? I am a Nyamagwa baby. Nyamagwa High School and Kangema High School, Muranga contibuted greatly to the person I have become and I am thankful. 

I am dissapointed because I am a stakeholder jut like many other alumni. They just killed my alma mater by removing Mr. Maina from Nyamagwa Boys High School when it had gained momentum which will now take a long time to reestablish. Meanwhile. the conniving egomaniacs are smiling at a corner enjoying their dastardly deed. And who has to pay the price? Hundreds of students, teachers amd parents. All because someone had to settle a personal score.

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