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I'm the sponsor of one of the students whose Biology-exam was cancelled.
Can anyone tell me if it's true that all students didn't pass all their exams? And all because 'one' boy cheated? That's what my contact in Kenya tells me but this all sounds very unfair.
What are the options for the boys? Can they do a re-exam in Biology? Can they stay in school?

Jared Nyabuto Nyaberi

Thank you Babette for your help sponsoring a student in kenya. From what I have been told, once an exam is cancelled, the student gets a "Y". I am not sure what that means but the student gets no certificate from the Kenya National Examinations Council. Through a rule that was enacted by the KNEC in 2009, such a student whose exam is cancelled is ineligible to sit for another exam for a period of two years! This means that if that rule is enforced, all those students whose exams were cancelled at Nyamagwa will be eligible to sit for another exam in 2013.

Clifford Oryosa

Hi guys, it is glad to say hi to you all. Now that the year is nearing to end, be happy and plz nkobasorora do not cheat on exams again now that you got another chance of going back to Nyamagwa.


Boys should read more to show others what they are capable of getting. I love my school despite of all the problems with exams. Bravo boys and work hard.

Priscillah Nyanduko Gekonge

Very well said Evans. Tiga Nyamagwa Boys egenderere.

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