Mwanyagetinge Voices And Stories About The Lives And Times Of Our Elders: Omogaka Patrice Nyariki Mosorori, 1913-2018. Bokimwange Village, Kenyenya sub-county, Bomachoge Borabu Constituency, Kisii County


 Our Mwanyagetinge Elders, Our Inestimable Treasure: Rigwata [ April ] 23, 2018. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Omogaka nyariki

At A Glance:


Date Of Birth: 1913

Circumcision: 1934

Age: 103 Years

Home: Bokimwange Village

Marriage: 1950 To Omong'ina Osebe Mosorori

Number Of Children: 10 [4 Boys and 6 Girls].

Number Of Grandchildren: 125 



Even though we hand a chance to sit down under the knee of Omogaka Patrice Mosorori for some words of wisdom, we were not able to publish the interview before he passed on. Omogaka Patrice Nyariki Mosorori passed on last week after a short illness. His body is in state at Hema Hospital and the burial ceremony is scheduled for this coming Friday at his home in  Bokimwange Village, Bomachoge Borabu, Kisii County.

Ntwe nigo togoakera Omonene Tata oito Nyasae buna mbuya mono ase ribaga atoete, gotwara enkwana n' omogaka ominto omonene, konyora atarasira. Engora enene gochia ase enka, abasani, amo n' abaamate b' omogaka Mosorori. Kera egento ase Omonene Nyasae. 

Omwana O Bokimwange

Omogaka Mosorori was born in early 1913 at Bokimwange village, Kenyenya sub-county, Bomachoge Borabu  constituency, Kisii County. He was the first born in his family of 4 boys and 4 girls. He was then circumcised in the year 1934 and later got married at the year 1950 to Omongina Osebe Nyariki Mosorori. He was blessed with 10 children’s [4 boys and 6 girls] but in the process he has lost 4 children [including 2 girls and boys]. He was married with two wives but later, one of them passed away.  

We Were Always Vigilant

Omogaka Mosorori told us that life has been struggle for the fittest for him since his youth. He told us that he was brought up in a place where fighting was a daily routine for the Abagusii in the region. They were fighters from the Abagusii community who were having tribal feuds with our neighbors in Maasailand. He said that "We always waged with the Moran’s for having stolen our cows or grazing land"


Omogaka Patrice Nyariki Mosorori, 1913-2018. 

Omogaka Mosorori


He told us that that every week there was war between Abagusii and Maasai in the region. Because of constant wars, we got used to everyone being ever vigilant and careful not to be killed. During these frequent fights, he told us that the people who suffered the most were the young kids and women. This is because the kids were left fatherless and the women were left without husbands. 

Omogaka Mosorori told us that the old days were good because people did not steal from one another like today. He told us that the Gusii highlands have now been rendered useless by thieves who steal from farms and gardens. People cannot farm on their land and wait for the produce from their own farm. Instead they will start to steal from other neighbors whose plants have a good harvest.  


The Nyamakongiro, Oranganga And Ebichache Droughts

He told us that long ago, there was a great drought in Gusiiland. This  calamity killed everything around it. Many plants, animals and people died. "In the early 1912 there came a drought and famine that was named Nyamakongiro. At this period there was nothing for food except rikongiro" Omogaka Mosorori told usHe said that "In 1930, there came Oarangaga!!"

Mzee Mosorori told us that Oaranganga was form of locusts who were premature in nature and were later named  Bwonyonte, because they ate everything in sight. Then in late 1931 there came another famine also caused by locusts, and they called them Ebichache. They managed to survive this harsh life by killing the locusts, and storing them to eat as food!!


Enyamokirimbi And Obosisa: Those Were Bad

Omogaka Mosorori told us that in addition to famine, diseases attacked Abagusii as well.  He said that the most common diseases that affected Omogusii were Enyamokirimbi, Etutu Mache and Obosisa. He told us that some of the diseases were treated using traditional herbs or other herbs obtained from Masailand.  


Ekerundu Was A Gusii Plant Of Strength

Mzee Mosorori told us that one of the traditional healing plants for Omogusii was the Ekerundu shrub. He said that young boys who were to be circumcised were not to be given any drugs for pains!! Only Ekerundu was given to them to strengthen them as the plant is regarded by Abagusii as a sign of hope, courage and strength.


Omong'ina Osebe Mosorori.

Omongina osebe nyariki

We asked Omogaka Mosorori if he had any words of encouragement to our community and young people. He told us to "Be strong in anything you do"  We agree.


The Passing Of Dr. Joel Ongaro


Koru Ase omosike Simon Nyabwari:



Dear Colleagues, Members of Shelter Housing Cooperative,  as well as 270 Acre Project:

It is with profound shock to let you know that our Chairman Dr Joel Ongaro passed on after a short illness on Sunday the 1st of January 2017 while undergoing treatment at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, New Brunswick,  New Jersey, USA. Dr Ongaro led this organization with distinction and under his leadership a team of 50 investors were able to acquire 270 acres in Kajiado County, Kenya.
 Please, join me in sending our deepest condolences to his wife, Mrs. Mary Ongaro, children Cliff and Lona Ongaro, and the entire family in Kenya and Worldwide. There are two events planned for his farewell:
One, the fundraiser for shipping his remains to Kenya and also to help defray travel expenses for the family will be held today Saturday January 14, 2017 at  Muungano SDA Church [1799 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07305]. Church Phone: [201] 433-1250.
Two, his funeral service is at the same venue tomorrow Sunday January 15, 2017. Those of you who wish and are able to attend these functions, are most welcome.
Yours at service,
Zachary Moitui,
Vice Chairman.

Ogosira Kw' Omong'ina Bw' Amasikani, Naende Bw' Engencho: Mama Esther Nyachae

Koru ase The Daily Nation:


Abaminto twatebiigwe amang'ana amakongu. Omwanchwa o Former Cabinet Minister Mhe Simeon Nyachae, Omongina Esther Nyachae nigo asira rero rimaambia aaria Nairobi, magega y' okorwara ase engaki. Enka nigo ere aaria ase ekenyoro kia Nyosia, Nyaribari Chache, Kisii County. Omosike Hezron Nyandusi, koru ase enka y' Mhe Nyachae nigo ateba buna emeroberio y' ebirero nechiche ebe bwango iga.

Koinyora Mama Esther Nyachae

Koinyora Mama Esther Nyachae













Ase boigo, abarai abange koru Gusii buna Kisii County Senator Chris Obure, amo na Kisii County Deputy Governor Joash Maangi batomire engora yabo. Abagusii bonsi pi, amo n' Abakenya twensi twasiririe omong'ina omonene bw' eng'encho. Pole naende ase omochi o Mhe Nyachae ase ogosira kw' Mama Esther.

Magokoro, Omong'ina Thelephina Kerubo Simanto




Koru ase John Nyaoko Obuya:



Abaminto last Friday at exactly 9:30 AM, Yours Truly Thelephina Kerubo Simanto went to be with the Lord. She left a verbal Will "Don't Mourn me, just celebrate. Gather all your friends, share and rejoice" 110 years is not just a number, but a life well lived. She fought the fight and won the race. Koru ase Omochokoro oye, John Nyaoko Obuya.



Omong'ina Thelephina Kerubo Simanto: 1906-2016

Gather all frienda and celebrate Omongina Thelepina

Ekebute eke kia nigo kegotoma eng'ora ya bene gochia ase omochie o Simanto bwensi aaria ekenyoro kio Omogogo, Nyaribari Masaba, Kisii County ase okomosiria omong'ina Thelaphine Kerubo Simanto. Tiga Omonene abaagate ase engaki eye y' ogosiria omong'ina magokoro omino.

Omosike Joseph Obare Osuku





Omosike Joseph Obare


Marehemu omosike Joseph Obare Osuku: Principal, Nyabigena Boys High School, South Mugirango, Kisii County.



Abaminto obokongu mbwabete. Mwanyagetinge minto mwensi nigo tore n' omoichano ase okobamanyia igoro y' ogosira kw' St Joseph, Nyabigena Boys High School Principal, Omosike Joseph Obare Osuku.

Omosike Osuku nigo ararete obotuko bw' ogokiera 29/12/2015.  Gati y' amagenderero amanene akorete, omosike Obare nigo amanyekanete buya ase okoba omwarimu omokung'u naende bw' omokia, oyio ogerete esukuru yaito ya Nyabigena Boys High School komanyekana ase ogokora buya ase amatemu ye ekerasi gia ikomi na kabere.

Naintwe ase ekebute eke kia Mwanyagetinge nigo togotoma engora yaito gochia ase abamwabo Principal Obare, amo na abarimu amo na  abaorokigwa bonsi ba St Joseph Nyabigena High School ase ogosirwa kw' Principal Obare. Tiga Omonene abaagate abaamate, abasani, abana  amo na abarimu mwensi ase mwabeta.