Abaminto Ekanisa Entoereru Aankio Engatiato 15, 2017




Aya amwabo aya:

Ase Mwamogusii Ominto Abeta, Emisa Engiya Riete [ August ] 31, 2014

Chingaki Chingiya Naende Ase Ekanisa Bono Mambia

Ase Mwanyagetinge Abeta, Emisa Engiya


Abaminto ekanisa engiya aankio.


The Park Place Baptist Church: 4576 Lenora Church Road, Snellville, Georgia, 30039, USA. Mwanyagetinge.com/2017


Park Place Church Snellville GA USA

Isaiah 14:24: The Lord of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand:

The Passing Of Dr. Joel Ongaro


Koru Ase omosike Simon Nyabwari:



Dear Colleagues, Members of Shelter Housing Cooperative,  as well as 270 Acre Project:

It is with profound shock to let you know that our Chairman Dr Joel Ongaro passed on after a short illness on Sunday the 1st of January 2017 while undergoing treatment at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, New Brunswick,  New Jersey, USA. Dr Ongaro led this organization with distinction and under his leadership a team of 50 investors were able to acquire 270 acres in Kajiado County, Kenya.
 Please, join me in sending our deepest condolences to his wife, Mrs. Mary Ongaro, children Cliff and Lona Ongaro, and the entire family in Kenya and Worldwide. There are two events planned for his farewell:
One, the fundraiser for shipping his remains to Kenya and also to help defray travel expenses for the family will be held today Saturday January 14, 2017 at  Muungano SDA Church [1799 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, New Jersey, 07305]. Church Phone: [201] 433-1250.
Two, his funeral service is at the same venue tomorrow Sunday January 15, 2017. Those of you who wish and are able to attend these functions, are most welcome.
Yours at service,
Zachary Moitui,
Vice Chairman.

Happy Sabbath Aankio Engatiato 14, 2017



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In Everything, Give Thanks: Happy Sabbath Korwa Aaria Ase Abanto Baito Abaya Ba Nyaguta SDA Church, Kisii County

"And Ye Shall Teach Them Your Children..." Happy Sabbath Naende Abminto Mwensi

Happy Sabbath Naende Aankio Tureti Ya Kebaki [ September ] 5, 2015


Mwanyagetinge ominto Happy Sabbath again aakio. Koru ase The King James Version: Malachi 3:6: For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.  



The Hope Tabernacle Seventh-Day Adventist Church: 4615 Lenora Church Road, Snellville, Georgia, 30039, USA. Mwanyagetinge.com/2017

Lenora Church Rd SDA Church Rd Snellville GA USA


Hebrews 13:8: Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.

"Bono Ebimwana Ebi Nigo Mwebete Gotobekera The 2016 Gusii All Stars United (GASU) Awards Winners?" Omong'ina Nyambuche



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Abagusii Customs CVII: Bono Chintanda Ninki Ase Ekegusii?

"Nigo Mwatigete Korika Ase Ekegusii?" Omogaka Onchiri.

"Imobwate Ekegusii-English Dictionary?" Nyamusi




Omong'ina Nyambuche: Bono ebimwana ebi nigo mwebete gotobekera The 2016 Gusii All Stars United [GASU] Awards?

Ntwe: Obe! Ntwe? Gaki twabere baba magokoro ominto. Abaminto, The Gusii All Stars United [GASU] talent association held the 2016 awards ceremony on Saturday last week. The ceremony was held at the Gusii Stadium and there were 26 categories for the winners.

The following are the talented winners from the Larger Gusii region for 2016: 

1.  Male Band of the year: Abagosabusia
2. Female Band of the year: Sabby Okengo
3. Obokano Artist of the year: Jared Mombinya
4. Gospel Song of the year: Tara by Douglas Otiso
5. Male Artist of the year: Babu Gee
6. Female Artist of the year Secular: Shourtie
7. Male Artist of the year Gospel: Born B
8. Female Gospel Artist of the year: Biyaki, The Band
9. Hip Hop Artist of the year: Smallz Lethal
10. Dance Hall [Reggae] Artist of the year: Jiggy
11. Genge-Chipuka Artist of the year: Lilsliq
12. Social Awareness Song of the year: Why? by Mr. Bloom ft Brax
13. Fast Rising Artist of the year [Secular]: Duke Dukon
14. Fast Rising Artist of the year [Gospel] Obeddy
15. Collaboration of the year: Gud One by Vekta ft Lisliq.
16. Video of the year: Champion by Miggy Champ and Sunshine Eye
17. Gospel Video of the year: Mungu Mkuu by Jac Matara
18. MC of the year: Mc-Emonyo 19
19. DJ of they year: DJ Cross
20. Commedian of the year: Mkisii ni Mkisii [Cyprian and Victor]
21. Dance Group of the year: Gladiators All Stars
22. Music Studio of the year: New Home Music
23. Video Director of the year: Sam C
24. Photographer of the year: John Ras Photography
25. Cover Song of the year: Amarua by Altor K Flow and Vinto Neskon
26. Special Recognition : Pharry [Country Music ]


Mbuya mono gochi ase abana baito bari beorokirie obomanyi ao ao ase ekerengo kia igoro. Ebibekerero biaito ebinge buna obokano, omonyoncho, egetonga, ekiage, ekonu, amo nebinde ebinge nigo biarenge koroisigwa amo n' abagaka bari babwate obomanyi obonene. Below: Omonyoncho bw' Abagusii [to the right], amo n' egetonga [to the left] buna biarenge kororekana. Mwanyagetinge.com files 2017.

Omonyoncho noro orenge kogacha endagera

Congratulations to all our 2016 GASUA winners, and thank you for listening.

Mwanyagetinge Ominto Happy New Year 2017 Plus A No-Fail New Year Resolution




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Ase Mwanyagetinge Ominto Abeta, Cheers And Happy New Year 2016 !!

Ase Mwanyagetinge Abeta: Amaiga Y' Omwaka Omoyia O' 2014

Ase Abana Ba Mwanyagetinge: Happy New Year 2012


Abaminto masoge naende. Mbuya mono ase Tata Nyasae for Providence in 2016. Ntwe nigo togosabera kera oyomo ase Mwanyagetinge ominto abeta chingaki chintoereru amo n' ebisio b' Omonene ase onsi mogokora ase omwaka oyo omoyia.

Koru ase The King James Version: Psams 118:8-9: It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in princes.


Do you still want to put confidence in man? This is the best No-Fail Resolution: In 2017, please stop. It is better to trust in the Lord than to trust in another person. Do not let other people drive your life. Do not drive your own life. Please, step aside to the passenger seat, and let God drive. Seasons Greetings and a Blessed Happy New Year from The First Baptist Church, Duluth: 2908 Duluth Highway GA120, Duluth, GA, 30096, USA. Mwanyagetinge.com files, 2017. 


Happy New Year 2017 Duluth Georgia USA